Davis Dentist | Managing Exposed Roots as a Result of Gum Recession

Teeth roots are not covered and protected by enamel. When exposed due to gum recession, they are at high risk for sensitivity especially to cold and during professional dental cleaning, erosion leaving defects at the gum line, cavities, and even nerve exposure.

Exposed roots with large defects can be protected by tooth colored composite resin bonding:

Exposed roots with large defects - before Exposed roots with large defects - after

Exposed roots that develop cavities are treated by conventional tooth colored composite fillings:

Exposed roots that develop cavities - before Exposed roots that develop cavities - after

Exposed roots with minimal defects and no cavities can be covered by gum grafts:

Exposed roots with gum grafts - before Exposed roots with gum grafts - after

(Gum graft photos are courtesy of gum specialist Dr. David Jolkovsky, Davis, CA)

Gum recession generally has multiple contributing factors occurring at the same time, such as genetics, aggressive brushing, gum infection, history of braces, clenching and grinding, and local trauma. Taking measures to control some of these factors reduces the chance of having gum recession.

Samer S. Alassaad, DDS, FAGD

Davis Dentist | Dr. Samer Alassaad Receives the AGD Fellowship Award

Dr. Alassaad and his family at the AGD Convocation Ceremony in San Francisco

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is pleased to announce that Samer Alassaad, DDS, FAGD received the association’s Fellowship Award during the AGD 2015 annual meeting, which took place June 18 to 21 in San Francisco.

The AGD Fellowship Award is presented to dentists who seek to provide the highest quality dental care by remaining current in their profession. To earn this prestigious honor, Dr. Alassaad completed 500 hours of dental continuing education, passed a comprehensive written exam, and fulfilled three years of continuous membership in the AGD.

As a Fellowship Award recipient, Dr. Alassaad joins more than 6,600 active AGD Fellows who have gone above and beyond the basic requirements to care for their patients’ oral health.

“We are proud to honor Dr. Alassaad for his commitment in reaching this lofty goal,” says AGD Immediate Past President W. Carter Brown, DMD, FAGD. “He has distinguished himself professionally among his peers and is a role model for both his fellow dentists and his community.”

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