Davis Dentist | Personalized Approach to Revamping Smiles

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and dentistry recognizes that. The approach to revamping smiles is personalized and starts with exploring what you do not like about your smile. Sometimes the solution is as simple as teeth whitening and fillings in this case where the patient’s only concerns are the space between the 2 front teeth and the dark color of her teeth:

While at other times the solution may involve replacing multiple old crowns even though the desire is only a brighter smile

Read more about the options to revamp your smile in this column by Dr. Alassaad in the local newspaper the Davis Enterprise:http://www.davisenterprise.com/forum/opinion-columns/plenty-of-options-to-revamp-your-smile/

You can also view images of multiple cosmetic options in our smile gallery