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Dr . Childress is beyond remarkable. He has cared for me for almost 40 years. Recently, I’ve had two medical conditions emerge with symptoms in my mouth; these conditions have nothing to do with tooth decay or gum health.My hygienist, Debi (also amazing ???), brought Dr. Jim in for consult. In both instances Jim knew within seconds exactly what was wrong, the medical terminology, degree of severity and recommended treatment. Recall, these conditions are not caused by or related to dentistry! He is incredibly knowledgeable, practical, astute and has command familiar with of the contemporary literature, standards of care and illnesses.He is also a caring, present guy. What good fortune having this quality capable medical care! I am ever grateful. Thank goodness he has no plans to retire anytime soon.

Dr. Alassaad is amazing. My son chipped half of his front tooth. Dr. Alassaad saw him immediately and fixed his tooth within the hour after his last patient. It looks incredible. You can’t even tell what tooth was chipped. He was very thorough and explained the whole process to me in great detail. The rest of the staff was also incredibly kind and accommodating. I highly recommend their services to anyone.

What a great office! The staff at the front desk are always friendly, my hygienist Kittie did a super cleaning, and Dr. Childress and all his assistants are the best. Always a pleasant and professional experience.

Dr. Childress is a caring and highly skilled artist at his work! When I broke two front teeth in a biking accident he went above and beyond with helping me far past regular business hours so I could leave for a business trip with reasonable teeth. He then supported me through an extended period when one of the roots died making sure that in the end I have two amazing front teeth that are painless, beautiful and completely natural. I highly recommend Dr. Childress and all his staff, they have been and continue to be amazing and make the experience of going to the dentist very pleasant!

You cannot possibly have a more positive dental experience than with Dr. Childress and his amazing staff. Dr. Childress is an accomplished expert. He is thoroughly trained in the the most advanced dental procedurues and his use of cutting edge technology adds a definite cool factor to your experience. In addition, his kind and gentle demeanor are calming and re-assuring. How can you do better than that? You can't, but there's more. His technicians are engaging and well trained and his administrative staff is absolutely over-the-top friendly, happy, and accomodating.Because of all this I actually look forward to my dental visits. I think an appopriate summarizing slogan for Dr. Childress and his staff would be "Dentistry Made Fun!"

My family and I have enjoyed being patients of Dr Childress and his courteous staff for over 12 years now. It's comfortable and they are down to earth. I feel included and confident in decisions about my care. Definitely reccommended. Great place!

Royal Treatment. I had two fillings on this visit and while Dr Alassad was treating me I had time to think about what was happening. First I was in clean, modern office with attractive art and plants everywhere. The staff was engaging and pleasant, as though they enjoyed coming to work and being with each other. My treatment began within minutes of my arrival which is an indication of respect for my time, and good planning.In the chair I had an opportunity to appreciate the technology that Childress and Alassad had installed and how much this has changed in the 70 years since my first visit to the dentist. They make systematic use of macro photography as both a diagnostic and teaching tool.Dr. Alassad : "Here's what that tooth looks like to me, here's why that's a problem, here's how I propose to fix it."Finally, Dr Alassad is gentle, quiet and focused. He and his assistant communicate quietly and efficiently. Even though I can't see what's going on I have the sense that I am watching a technical artist at the top of his game. I'm looking forward to many years of royal treatment twice a year.

GO AGAIN: Yes! I have my teeth cleaned 4 times a year, even though I have to pay for the two visits not covered by insurance. Wonderful teeth cleaning by Lori! Dr. Childress is such a fantastic dentist: highly competent and does outstanding work. I've been his patient for over 30 years. And, the office staff are friendly and easy to work with. Thank you.

My family and I have been going to Dr. Jim Childress since 1984. He and his staff are extraordinary in all aspects: His assessments of dental needs, his treatments, his proactive advice and outside consultation with others when needed, his selection of specialists to whom he refers specialized dental needs not done by his office, his continuous upgrading of equipment, and his hiring practices that result in an amazing staff that reflect his high standards, skills - and his heart. I could not more highly recommend Dr. Childress and his staff.

I have been a patient of Dr. Childress and his hygienists for over 30 years and wouldn't go anywhere else.The very best in every aspect of dental care!

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